I decided to go back through my year of pictures and choose one to represent each month; just 12 pictures to sum up the year. 
Twelve pictures not based on the best composition or quality. 
Twelve pictures not chosen just because they had the best smiles or outfits.  
Twelve pictures, black and white, which let me see the emotion behind the image. 
I chose the shots that made that month something magical. 
The images that best encapsulated the blessings beyond what we could have asked or imagined for the past turn around the sun. 
2017 brought us Washington, buying, building, and owning our first home, first broken bones, learning to ride bikes, and surprise parties. 
This year brought us front porch swings, visits with best friends, chasing lighting bugs in the fields, new cuzzies, and several inches on the growth chart. 

This year brought footprints on the beach, 
new basketball shoes, apple pies, and growing pains. 
2017 taught us what an incredible team we really are; in marriage, as a family, and as brothers and sisters. 
2017 taught us how to work the land, dig up stones and build our own fire pit, how to clear thorns and build trails, how to become stewards of the piece of creation God has entrusted to our care. 
This year taught us to hold tight and to let go. It taught us to cherish and to say goodbye. 
This year had snowflakes and snow cones, bare feet and overcoats. 
This year had birth and death and beginnings and ends. 
This year was beautiful, a gift, cherished and well lived. 
Here's to the adventure ahead of 2018, the blessings, the lessons, and the mysteries of God's plans. We give You this New Year, and humbly thank you for the last. For Your glory, Happy 2018! 


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