Gifts of Christmas

On the first hour of Christmas my true love gave to me, a large fresh pot of coffee. 
On the second hour of Christmas my children gave to me, two minutes of patience for pictures. 
On the third hour of Christmas, the morning gave to me, 3 big brothers frozen in awe.
On the fourth hour of Christmas my true love gave to me, another round of fresh hot coffee. 
On the fifth hour of Christmas, God gave to me, five awesome kiddos (hyped on stocking candy.)  
On the sixth hour of Christmas, I fixed for my family, enough eggs and bacon for an army. 
On the seventh hour of Christmas my children gave to me, the happiest shrieks of opening presents glee. 
On the eighth hour of Christmas my daughter gave to me, the best thanks in the world for her doll accessories. 
On the ninth hour of Christmas my boys gave to me, perfect looks of sheer surprise and awe. 
On the tenth hour of Christmas my true love gave to me, a refill of that awesome coffee. 
On the eleventh hour of Christmas my baby gave to me, ornaments pulled down off the Christmas tree. 
On the twelfth hour of Christmas my family gave to me, the best memories of a Christmas I'll cherish in my heart. 
Christmas morning is loud at our house, there's excited boys, candy snitching, dramatic babies, and chaotic moments of missing pieces and piles of wrapping paper. 
But it's perfect, in every way, for our family of seven. The wrapped presents under the tree and the sincere gratefulness from our smiling babies serve only to mirror our Father in Heaven, the giver of good gifts and His blessing us with innumerable presents throughout the year. 
So as our kids jumped into our arms and wrapped arms around necks for gifts given from a loving father, we ended Christmas Day joyous in praise for all the gifts from our Abba Father! Merry Christmas 2017! 


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