Writing In the Walls

Long before we knew we would build a house...
Long before we knew we would buy a house...
Before we knew we would have kids...
Before we knew what life would look like after "I do"...
We dreamed and schemed, two twenty something newlyweds. 
We decided if we were ever blessed with the opportunity to build we would start from the foundation to dedicate each brick and stud to God. 
We would do that by prayer and also by writing His Word into the heart of the home. 
Over a decade later we have been granted this gift of a building a home. As the framing was completed we took to the halls and rooms with sharpie markers. 
Each of the kids wrote their favorite "swords" into the walls of their rooms. 
Matt and I wrote our life swords in our room, and our family sword in the living room. Matt wrote Joshua 24:15 over the front door and we wrote other favorite swords into the school room, dining room, hallways, office, foundation, back doors, and kitchen. 
Our walls are literally filled with the Word and I pray our home continues to be immersed in it as we move in and fill them. 
On the way out that day Harrison grabbed a marker and ran to write "one more thing". On the doorpost right inside our front door Harrison wrote "God's House." I love his heart and his love for his Lord and couldn't agree more that this gift of a home truly belongs to God.


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