Four Months of Washington

Washington, you are now four moths old!
Let me correct myself, on June 12, you were four months old. Now you are 4 1/2 months old. 
But I'm celebrating anyway even if I am a tad behind. 
You're doing big and awesome things this month bud. 
You're rolling consistently and intentionally from front to back in order to bat at a sibling or reach for their toys when they unwittingly plopped them down within your reach. 
You love ridiculous noises- raspberries, popping sounds, growling, engine noises, explosions (aka your siblings.) I shouldn't be surprised. You have three big brothers that communicate 80% of the time in sound effects. I'm sure you're following right in those footsteps. 
You love having books read to you. You will sit and listen and look at the pictures sometimes even forgetting you're sleepy or hungry. This helps big brothers with their reading practice and I use it to my advantage ;)
While you love all the loud sound effects, you definitely do not like any kind of crying. Though you do plenty of it yourself, if you hear a big sibling wailing you join right in. Madison in particular makes your little eyes well up and pouchy lip come out when you her dramatic waterworks. 
You are in size three diapers and busting the seams of your size 3 months clothing. It's time to start digging out the bigger sizes I was just hoping you'd hold on a few more weeks when we get unpacked in our new house. 
Speaking of our new house. We can't wait to see all the memories we'll build with you there - your learning to sit up and crawl, your first steps and words. We can't wait!
You nurse every 3-4 hours, sleep 12+ hours a night, and take two long naps a day. You smile at almost anyone giving you attention and have started laughing at your family who adores you and stops short of standing on our heads to hear your happy noises. 
You love being held, watching Mickey Mouse with Madison, eating rice husk crackers, and being outside. You still hate the carseat but I will give you credit for starting to extend your toleration time a bit. 
We love you fiercely and we are so thankful for your being chosen to be in our family! We love you Mr. Ash and can't wait for the many months and years ahead of getting to know you more! 


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