One Month Washington

Dear Washington, Happy One Month Birthday (a few days ago)!
It's really hard to believe you've been here for a full month. If only pregnancy months went as fast as growing up months ha! 
You are in size one diapers, newborn size clothes, finally love bath time, and hate being cold (can't blame you at all for that one!) 
You are now starting to really observe and take in all your crazy family members. You just stare us all down with your gentle blue eyed gaze and I can only imagine what you are thinking about the chaos around you. 
You have fought all attempts I've made at getting you on a schedule. You prefer eating every 2-3 hours around the clock. You have no need for longer stretches of sleep during nighttime hours, but at least for right now, that's ok. It's just our special time of being alone in the quiet and I'm soaking it up knowing you will be grown and going wild right along with your big siblings. 
You only cry when you want to be held and quiet down the second you're snuggled in someones arms. You have the sweetest little personalty and so far are ok with being wrapped into my carrier and go right along with our non-stop life. We love you so much and are so thankful God decided we needed a Washington in our family! We love you baby boy! Happy one month and many more ahead! 


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