Baby Sound Bytes

Since Washington has come home and become a permanent part of every day life, we've heard more one-liners, quips, and questions from his big siblings than a stand up comedy show.
I'll provide a sampling for your enjoyment and for my documenting purposes for my later reminiscing and their later groaning of "why did you post that Mom?!"
But in order to somewhat protect the identities of the following quoted goofballs I'll let you guess who said what ;)
"So Mommy, I don't think Washington could fit to get out of your tummy. Did you just open your mouth real wide and he walked out?! My mouth couldn't open that big, and I don't think yours could either."
"Now that he's out of your tummy can we play tackle football with you?!" (Said within minutes of me walking in the front door from the hospital.)
"So once he drinks the milk, how do you open up to refill?"
"So is this all he's gonna do? Just lay here and sleep and then eat and then sleep more!? Let me know when he can wrestle." 
"Washington is the best littlest brother in the whole world. And I shared with him my Cheeze-itz!"


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