Back to School?

We use the phrase "Back to School" loosely around here. Blessing or curse, homeschooling pretty much encompasses a year round mentality.
We are constantly learning and discovering no matter what the calendar says but we do pull out the new books around August after a laid back summer break of sorts. On our first day we stay in our pjs, eat our donuts and have a "not back to school" day. 
This year our curriculum grades are all over the place. We're covering five grades worth of material due to stronger or weaker points and learning styles and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Officially this year we have a 2nd grader who is not a fan of math or poetry but loves history and anything he can get his hands into, like experiments. Our kindergartener is a math whiz and five weeks into our official school year is almost half way through his math book. 
Our pre-schooler loves coloring every picture blue, no matter what it is and knows his letters even though he consistently pretends he doesn't know and makes something up when I ask. Our youngest student loves chewing on erasers and pulling books off the school table that brothers are trying to work in. 
2016-2017 school year looks to be full of adventure and that's the way we like it ;) 


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