What Jeff Knew

We can't remember if it was one or two days before Matt and I were staring at the little blue lines on the positive pregnancy test, but either way, we didn't yet know about our growing tribe. 
We were in the kitchen and Jefferson came in saying something about our next baby. Since it was totally out of the blue I asked him if he thought we were having another baby in our family. 
He carefully set down the toy he was holding and slowly walked towards me with his hand outstretched. He spread his little fingers across my tummy and laid his cheek against it. I looked up at Matt who mirrored my "What in the world?!" expression. Jefferson stepped back and said, "Yep, there's our baby in there," and scooped up his toy and left to play like nothing big had happened. 
But Jeff knew first about this new baby. And this new baby has some very special big brothers and a sister waiting to meet him/her!
And throwback to that time when Harrison knew about a third brother a full almost a full year before we did!


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