Daddy is a Lawyer!

We just got the most awesome news! We found out that my wonderful husband and the Dad to be passed the Bar and is now a licensed lawyer!!! It has been an amazing journey to this point. I never doubted for a second that Matt would pass, but the road here has had its share of tears, frustration, and very long days! But it was all worth it! After Matt told me the good news he got down next to my growing tummy and told our baby that its daddy was now a lawyer! And of course we both knew that the baby is so proud of its daddy! I know I am! We are all just beaming right now! The past three months have changed our lives a lot- we found out we were pregnant four days before the Bar and now we get to feel the little life kicking and squirming with our excitement that Matt passed! Well, at least that is why we say the baby is moving around, at least for today! :) Congratulations Matt! We are proud of you and we love you very much!!!


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