Morning Sickness and Cravings

Well, I thought I would sail through this with a little occasional nausea and that would be it, right? No! :) Over the past week each day brings a new wave of wonderful stomach twinges, but who would have thought I could ever feel blessed to feel such nausea! I wasn't even able to stay at work yesterday because of it, but it really is exciting. I feel like all I do is sleep, eat, feel sick, and sleep again! But it is exciting to know God is busy knitting this little life together and I feel blessed to be carrying this gift.

Also, major points to my incredible husband! Last weekend he drove 45 min. to get me these Chinese rice crackers, now I can't even stand the sight of the bag of the crackers! Even typing about it is turning my stomach, so I will have to stop. My husband hid them somewhere so I won't see them anymore all the while laughing at my very short lived craving. Last night he drove out the store to buy me baked beans because that was the only thing that sounded remotely tolerable! Then he sat back wordless as I ate a bowl of mustard and dill relish; he must think I have lost it! But he is amazing! I can't wait to tell this little one all the great things his Daddy did to help and all the crazy food habits that came with this pregnancy so far!

We love you little baby and look forward to each new day and development!


  1. Well with you it was watermellon! It was also not mellon season and daddy paid $24 to get one, in early March. It wasnt great and I didnt eat but a bite or too! What a great daddy you have and what a great daddy this baby has!

    Love you both! Mom


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