The First Month!

I can hardly believe the miracle taking place inside me right now! I'm just so blown away by how God is knitting our baby together. He truly is an awesome God. We feel so blessed that God has chosen us to be the parents of this new life. As this past week has gone by our thoughts have become more and more enveloped by the awing truth that we have a responsibility to raise this child for Christ to serve Him. We feel so overwhelmed by God's faith in entrusting us this responsibility and we have prayed every day that we will be tools in His hands to shape this little life for His glory.

We keep talking about how sometimes it doesn't feel real, but then there is no masking the symptoms or those incredible positive lines on the tests (yes, I took more than one :)). But all the achiness, feeling tired, and the wide range of other symptoms is so worth it! Maybe a bit premature, but I totally had to walk through the baby section at the store, you know, just to look! We were talking about when it would really sink in and I think it is a gradual thing as you just grow in love with your child.

We have not told anyone our blessing yet, we wanted to get through Matt's BAR. But now we are planning on telling the grandparents and sisters and brother-in laws to be this next weekend. We cannot wait, but we want to do this in person! I'm so excited to have the family's support and prayers for a healthy pregnancy and baby!
We love you baby, and look forward to watching you grow!


  1. WOO-HOO!!!!!! Children are a gift from the Lord and we are so thrilled to get new titles, Grandparents!
    We pray that this little one will grow in the ways of the Lord’s perfect design and plan and that he/she will have a heart after God’s!
    We love you! We are praying for all three of you!

    Grand Ma & Grand Pa Wilson


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