The Positive Test!

I could hardly believe my eyes! In a matter of a few short seconds my heart pounded, my eyes were tearing, I was breathless, weightless, smiling, and speechless. I was looking at the bright blue line on the test giving full evidence of our baby's existance! There in the bathroom floor I dropped to my knees praising God for His creation and gift of life. Then I ran upstairs to to tell the new daddy!

We'll have to go back a few weeks. Matt's been studying for the BAR and I've been working this summer to support us, but all I could think about was a baby. I realized I was letting that become a distraction and a source of discontentment. Just 2 weeks before that amazing positive I gave my desire over to God with a heart focused on His will. I was content to be His child even if we never had one of our own. And even though Matt was very preoccupied with legal study, his mind and heart were focused on growing our family too. God's way is perfect!

Little baby, we love you already! We pray you grow in wisdom and stature and favor with God and men. We give you to the One who gave us you and we cannot wait to meet you.


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