Happy Teenager Birthday!

We are now a teen household! With our oldest man turning 13 today we are so excited to enter this stage of life. Watching our kids grow into the individuals God has created them to be is the most incredible blessing and now that our oldest is a teen it has become even more so as we witness the adult he is becoming and experiencing the world anew thorough his eyes.  

Here is our first official teenage birthday interview! 

What is your favorite color: I want to say yellow, but I think it's more black. Like I like the look of yellow, but if it's on something I like black; like black cars etc. 

What's your favorite thing to play: Legos, of course

What's your favorite thing to eat for lunch: Uh, sub sandwiches, and the pepperoni rolls I invented

What is your favorite thing to wear: My Star Wars shirt and the Mandalorian pants Hottie made me

What is your favorite thing to play outside: Skateboarding, basketball, swimming

What is your favorite holiday: Christmas, I love the anticipation that gets to build around Christmastime. I love the excitement of presents, giving and getting them

What is your favorite thing to sleep with: Pillows, more than one, at least two, but I can totally go for three

What is your birthday meal: Salmon, bacon wrapped filet, green beans, White House rolls, and the cake we decorated together 

What do you want to be when you grow up: A Lego designer, a movie director and producer, and an engineer, mainly of body armor tech and weapons development 

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast: Hole-in-ones, breakfast sandwiches, pop tarts, and bacon, aways BACON!!! *said with great emphasis*

What is your favorite show: The Book of Boba Fett, The Mandalorian, The Bad Batch, and The Clone Wars

What is your favorite movie: Star Wars, all of them, Avengers, all of them, Lord of the Rings, all of them, oh and Transformers, all of them *laughs*

What is your favorite game: Risk and Chess

What is your favorite fruit: Kiwi and Pineapple

Who's your best friend: My brothers and Jaden

What is your favorite song: Love is a Verb and a lot of Toby Mac's stuff

What is your favorite animal: Great white shark

What is your favorite drink: kombucha 

What is your favorite book: The Hobbit; I really love how just a normal guy who doesn't feel like anything great can be something incredible; something I want to be more like. 

What is your favorite special treat: M&M cookies we make, vanilla cake, vanilla ice cream with toppings, all the toppings!

If you could travel anywhere where would you want to go: Galaxy's Edge in Hollywood Studios; I'd spend days there just checking out all the details and then I'd go on the Halcyon, the Starcruiser. I can't wait to do that.

What is your favorite Bible account: Paul; It's amazing how God transformed a hunter of Christians into a leader of Christians

What is your favorite Bible sword: Leviticus 26:6 - it's a reminder that no matter where I am, where I go, what I'm doing, even just sleeping, God is protecting me, I'm not alone. 

Harrison, we are truly humbled and honored God chose us to parent you. It has been a privilege to watch you grow from baby, to toddler, to boy, to young man. You're leaving the stage of jumping off furniture in masks and capes and entering exploration, discovery, and growth in the role God has designed for you. I see you lean more and more into your Heavenly Father as the world opens its doors to you. Your boldness for your Savior has only grown as your eyes open to the heaviness that this life can sometimes bring. 
You are such a good big brother; you are a fierce protector and would never let any harm come to your family. You are creative, innovative, hate math (even though you're really good at it), love competition, and a good dad joke. 

You will endlessly eat any and all kinds of meat, love to design new Lego builds, love comedies and action movies, reading, and being with your family. You are always quick to step in when you see a problem to solve or when you think your siblings may be out of line. You are always close by if you see I have a lot on my plate as you pitch in and knock off the items on my to-do list alongside me. You lead your brothers in a nightly Bible study and are actively growing in your walk with Christ. 
You are truly becoming an incredible man and we are so very proud of you! 
Happy birthday to our amazing teenager! We love you! 


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