Birthday Interview with 7 Year Old Wils

Wils officially turned seven this afternoon so we celebrated by conducting our annual birthday interview!
What is your favorite color: Blue, but it has to be a certain blue, kinda dark but the right lightness to it.
What is your favorite movie: Inside Out, Spiderverse, Avengers, the Grinch, Transformers
What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast: Hole-in-Ones, bacon, sausage, and oh yeah, omelettes, and breakfast sandwiches. 
What is your favorite thing to wear: My shark shirt, ninja shirt, Merry Rex-Mas shirt, epic skater shirt, and my blue Nike shorts.
What is your favorite song: I love My Lighthouse but I also like just plain music like the music from the Dragons movies, Jaws, Transformers, Avengers, and the Greatest Showman. I love the music without the words. I want to write music like that!

What is your favorite thing to play outside: draw with sidewalk chalk, ride my scooter, play on our new playground, explore our woods, jump on the trampoline, play hide-n-seek and tag. 
What is your favorite book: The Butt Book, The Book With No Pictures, my Bible book, Hungry Caterpillar, and Blueberries for Sal.

What is your favorite thing to sleep with: Oh Easy! My blue and my weighted blanket, and that's it! Well besides my bed, that's kind of a good thing to sleep with. 

What do you want to be when you grow up: A Lego man, like I want to make the sets of Legos. 
Where do you want to travel to: Hawaii and Paris

Who is your best friend: Bubs and Jeff, and Madison, Washington, Mommy, Daddy, Jaden and Asher,  and I have like 100 and like 103! 

What is your favorite holiday: Like every single one! Easter, Valentine's Day, my birthday! I love them all! 

What is your favorite thing to watch on TV: Magic Schoolbus, Blaze, StoryBots, Boss Baby
What's your favorite fruit: apples, bananas, raspberries and grapes. 

What's your favorite animal: Whoa that's hard! I don't know! Oh yeah, squirrels! Oh and fish and dolphins. 

What's your favorite thing to drink: apple juice, milk, chocolate milk, coffee, water, and there's so many! 
What's your favorite special treat: All of them! Except mint stuff. But I love cake! Oh and suckers, fruit candy canes, and lick the stick powder candy stuff. 

What is your birthday meal: Chicken sandwiches and chocolate whirlpool cake!
What is your favorite sword (Bible verse): John 3:16, because it tells me how much God loves me and that Jesus died for me but he isn't dead anymore!

What is your favorite Bible story: Noah and his ark. I like Noah and I like the rainbow promise God made. 

My dear precious Wilson, you are a true joy! Your heart is the biggest of anyone I know and you are always looking to serve others and put everyone's needs ahead of yours. You are loyal and kind and a man of your word. You love to create wether it's amazing train track designs with your little brother or new paintings; you are an endless source of creativity. You love to eat, like everything! You would eat a dozen eggs or more if I let you. You love steak and chicken and carrots. You have a sneaky sweet tooth and love to snitch a special treat every now and then. 

You love God more than anything and your tender heart truly mirrors your Heavenly Father's as you grieve for those lost to His truth and rejoice when someone finds it! You love studying your Bible story book and bring it to me to read over and over. You love learning new things from each of the stories each time we read it. You love to laugh and make people smile. You are always creating new jokes and you love sound effects. You want a dog and a fish and to go to Paris one day. You are a sweet heart and I'm so thankful you are my son. I am proud of the seven year old man you are and I look forward to watching God continue to grow you and use you! Happy Birthday sweet Wilson! 


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