Eleventh Birthday Interview

Dear Harrison, you are turning eleven today, amidst a global pandemic and grocery shortages, delayed shipping on your gifts, and pouring rain. But none of it matters to you and your sweet heart as you are joyfully and contentedly excited to celebrate as a family at home all together.  
So in light of the chaos of the world outside (we were able to find precious few decorations and slim cake ingredients) we're having a birthday you'll never forget; and we kicked it off with the traditional birthday interview. So without further ado, I give you the birthday boy...
What's your favorite color: Yellow, the bright shade, not a yucky one
What's your favorite thing to play: Legos, Transformers, tag, and ninjas of the earth, it's a fun thing we invented with out imaginations. 
What's your favorite thing to eat for lunch: if there's leftover steak, then that! But if not, I like subs and sandwiches, tuna sandwiches are my favorite. 

What is your favorite thing to wear: My new Mandalorian t-shirt
What is your favorite thing to play outside: Playing on playgrounds, swimming in pools, trampoline, riding my bike, target practice, and one day I hope it will be riding dirt bikes, you know if I can do that one day. 

What is your favorite holiday: Christmas, Jesus' birthday, and today, my birthday!
Who is your best friend: Jaden, and my family. I'm so thankful for my family and that I'll always have y'all no matter how old I get or where I go. But I am kinda sad to think about not all living together every day all day once I grow all the way up. 
What's your favorite thing to sleep with: my airplane and my stuffed animals and my huge pile of books. 

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast: Hole-in-ones! Oh yummmm, and sausage and bacon! Oh I'm hungry now! Oh and breakfast sandwiches! 
What is your birthday dinner: (He requested bison meat, but when I went to the store everything was bare. They were allowing one meat per shopper. In a separate case I found one of two little filet mignon's left, his second choice desire for a birthday meal. It's only enough for him to have but I'm so thankful God saved one package for an 11 year old to have on his birthday.) 

What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to design Lego sets, write and direct movies, be an inventor of real high tech armor for the military, like Iron Man armor for real. And one day I'll be president of the United States. 
What is your favorite TV show: The Mandalorian and Star Wars Rebels

What is your favorite game: On Wii I love playing football with Dad and my brothers. For board games I like Risk!
What is your favorite fruit: Kiwi

What's your favorite song: *breaks into loud rapping of several Toby Mac hits* Seriously, almost all his (Toby Mac's) stuff! 
What is your favorite animal: Sharks. One day I want to swim with them and I'd even be ok getting bit by one, a small bite, because then maybe it would leave a tooth in me and I'd have the greatest story to tell! 

What is your favorite drink: Kombucha, slurpees, root beer, and water
What is your favorite book: I really love C. S. Lewis Chronicles of Narnia and I like my big Star Wars books, the new one is my favorite. 

What is your favorite special treat: Probably something I haven't tasted yet. There's always so many wonderful things to try! But as far as what I have tasted so far I like most baked goods; I could go on forever listing the baked goods I like! I mean cinnamon rolls, brownies, cakes, cookies, s'mores, and then there is candy too! I like jolly ranchers, sour gummy bears, sour gummy worms, sour gummy anything! 

What is your favorite Bible verse: Leviticus 26:6 When I was little I didn't like going to bed at night because of the dark. But this verse from God's word helped give me peace and fall asleep and I would even say it to myself if I woke up scared during the night. Now as I am growing older I know the words can mean more. I know I will have God's peace, I know He won't leave me when I lay down or go to college, I will be afraid of nothing with Him. 

What is your favorite Bible account/person: Peter, hands down! He cut a guy's ear off with a sword! But he did that to protect Jesus. He did the right thing, he was willing to die protecting Jesus and I would too! Peter had just messed up denying Jesus and that makes me sad he decided to do that, but I know we all make mistakes and do the wrong thing sometimes like Peter, but he didn't stay there, he did the right thing the next time. He was brave and just did it and I like that. 

Harrison, I've been told and warned over and over since I was first carrying you inside me that my time with you would go by fast, faster than I realized, and to cherish every moment. I have heeded that warning and even trying to soak it all in and make every day count but I still see the time galloping past at breakneck speed. There's my first boy, being silly and making gross jokes about things little boys find funny. And then you'll straighten up to full height, toss a look over your broadening shoulders, and shoot me a wink and I see glimpses of the man you're becoming. You're becoming more aware of the needs around you and you rush to take heavy things from my arms, or tie a younger siblings shoe, and read books with brothers. You are bold, decisive, outspoken, and love to take the lead.  

You love quality time and telling jokes. You eat more meat than the rest of us combined and love engineering and designing everything from weapons to bridges. I'm so impressed with how you are embracing what could be seen as weaknesses and asking God to help overcome them and use them for His glory. Your prayer life, your desires, your insight is all growing as fast as you are! You teach me every day! There are days we frustrate each other and probably have no idea what the other could possibly be thinking, but I admire that we never leave it there. You are quick to show and ask forgiveness and am grateful beyond words God gave you to make me a mommy. 

Happy 11th birthday my handsome man. I am proud of you and love you more than words! 


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