Happy 3 Year Birthday Interview

Washington, are you ready for your first birthday interview?
I do birthday game? 
Sure, the birthday interview game, you ready?
 What's your favorite color: Blue!
What's your favorite thing to play: Cars!
Are you going to yell every answer?
What is your favorite movie: Lightening McQueen gets broken (Cars 3)
What's your favorite thing to eat: Lightening McQueen and cake! 
What's your favorite holiday: Cam-caus! (Christmas)
What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast: Cake! Bacon, and bacon!
What is your favorite show to watch on TV: Lightening McQueen get broken, uh, Mickey Mouse, uh Paw Patrol!
 What is your favorite game: My game! (at bedtime he runs in circles saying everyone's names in our family before landing on one to choose for that person to say what they're thankful for.)
What's your favorite snack: Cake and fruit pouch!
What's your favorite song: "Awesome God is Awesome" song!
What is your favorite book to read? The bunny one! (A lift-a-flap construction book with a hidden bunny on every page.)
Who's your best friend: My Bubby, my Jeff, my Wil-Wil, my Na-Na, and friends!
What's your favorite thing to play outside: In mud! In boots and I running!
What's your favorite fruit: Cake!
What's your favorite animal: Animals pee! 
Yes they do, but what's your favorite animal? Dinosaurs! And dinosaur pees!
What's your favorite thing to drink: coffee!
What do you want to be when you grow up: I uh man, and I drive and get gas in my car!
What's your favorite Bible verse: Jesus and the whole world! (John 3:16)

Dear Washington, you are the sweetest, most mischievous, and incredibly loved littlest guy. You own your "baby of the family" title and love having so many to dote on you. Your older siblings spoil you rotten! You love to crash and bang and explode and jump and dive. But then you love to curl up in my arms and lay your head on my shoulder to cuddle there for awhile. One moment you are fast and crazy wild, destroying and breaking and then the next you're adorably sweet and loving. You love all things vehicles, cars, tractors, trains, planes, etc. and your favorite is a Jeep. You love turtles, building train tracks, splashing in mud puddles, and eating your weight in olives and chicken. You would rather be sitting in a lap getting read a book than almost anything else in the world. You love to pray and tell God every single detail of your day, even detailed descriptions of each toy you played with and clothes you wore. You potty trained yourself, you're trying to learn your ABC's over hearing Madison's school work, and you love to workout with Daddy and "lift weights". 
You have been a joyous blessing to our family and you keep life so rich and full. I am forever grateful God gave you to our family and I love you my wild man! 
Happy 3rd birthday Washington!


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