Birthday Interview with the 8 Year Old

J: Mom, is it time for my interview? That's my favorite!
M: You know it! Ready? 
J: Yep!

Ok, What's your favorite color: The same as it is in every interview so far probably, blue!
What is your favorite thing to play: Legos, probably, and I really also like magnaformers, and oh yeah, put Transformers too

What is your favorite movie: Lego Movie 2 
What is your favorite thing to eat: Watermelon, all the time

What is your favorite game: Uno, card games like that are my favorite 
What is your favorite snack: fruit snacks

What's your favorite song: Toby Mac, all his stuff, not like every song on every disc, but mostly all
What is your favorite book to read: The Avengers 'I Can Read' ones

Who's your best friend: My brothers and Jaden and Asher
What is your favorite thing to play outside: When the hay grows really tall I love running through it and hiding in it!

What do you want to be when you grow up? A kid doctor and maybe a spy. I also want to mix serums and create new medicines and inventions to help people.
What is your favorite holiday: Today! My birthday, and Christmas and Easter and I love going to the Fall festival which isn't on a holiday but winning all that candy is my favorite!

What is your favorite thing to sleep with: My pillow, blue, and stuffed animals 
What is your birthday meal: Well, for breakfast we had donuts, chocolate with sprinkles. For lunch, lunchables and we'll go out to real restaurant with a menu that has fun foods for my birthday meal! (He hasn't chosen which restaurant yet, those are just his criteria he keeps listing :)

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast: Waffles, marshmallow cereal, and cinnamon toast with butter
What is your favorite thing to watch on TV: Guardians of the Galaxy show, Baymax show, Black Panther show, and Wild Kratts. 

What is your favorite fruit: Apples, pears, watermelon, blueberries
What is your favorite animal: Wolf, a lion, maybe a tiger because those are fun to see. 
What is your favorite special treat: Sour bottles, sour patch kids, Swedish fish, chocolate chip cookies, and the cookie dough

What is your favorite thing to drink: Root beer, chocolate milk, coffee, slurpees, and those HUG drinks, I love those. 
What is your favorite Bible verse: The sword one, Hebrews 4:12

Jefferson, these past 8 years watching you grow from baby, to boy, to young man have been a blessing and privilege. I've seen you overcome obstacles and labels, shaking off every single one because you refuse to be held back by anything. With each year I watch in awe as you grow ten feet in character and develop an inner strength most grown men will never possess. You are wise and calculated, very rarely rushing into anything. You are level headed, intelligent, and possess the best dry humor and wit I've ever seen. You love science, math, engineering, and problem solving and I have no doubt you will be a world changer. 

Your deepest thoughts are safe guarded and rarely opened up, but in quiet conversations when you share deeply I'm awarded with such incredible glimpses of the man you are becoming. You are a dreamer but a realist at the same time which will keep your feet firmly rooted in your Heavenly Father. You already are very aware about the need to seek God's will for your life and asking for His guidance in things like where you should go to college and who you will marry one day. You're a peacekeeper, mediator, protector, teacher, and healer, with a sensitive heart and a gentle and quiet spirit. I've prayed for and over you since even before I knew you were being knitted together inside me. I love and admire you my Jefferson Lee, I respect the man you are growing into and I couldn't be more proud of you! Happy Birthday my 8 year old!


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