4th Birthday Interview: Princess Edition

Ok Miss Madison, are you ready for your birthday interview?
Yes! I love this, because I'm a grown up like my brothers now.

Ok, first question, what's your favorite color: Pink! And Purple, but most of all pink!

What is your favorite thing to play: Princesses! And my princess Duplos, and my baby dolls

What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast: Oatmeal, dinosaur oatmeal and regular oatmeal 

What is your favorite song: The Mulan one (Reflection) and Jesus Loves Me and Happy Birthday!

What's your favorite thing to play outside: Beach toys at a beach. Can we go to the beach? When can we?

What's your favorite thing to eat for lunch: yogurt and carrots and honey muffins 

What's your favorite book: Fancy Nancy books
What's your favorite thing to sleep with: More Baby, my Unicorn, and my bunny, and my baby dolls, oh and all my toys!

What do you want to be when you grow up: A mommy, like you, but I don't want to be you, I still want to be me, Madison. A Madison Mommy. But a princess mommy and marry a real prince in a real castle. 

Who's your best friend: More Baby, and I love God and my brothers, all my brothers, and my mommy and my daddy. 

What is your favorite holiday: Kitmas (Christmas) and my birthday, and it is my birthday now! And I want a real baby unicorn! 

What is your favorite thing to watch on TV: Butterbean's Cafe, Fancy Nancy and Minnie Mouse

What is your favorite animal: Unicorns! Just unicorns!
What is your birthday meal: Circle sausage, strawberries, unicorn cereal (Lucky Charms), and pink sparkly, princess, fairy, wedding, cupcakes

What is your favorite fruit: strawberries! Oh yeah and blueberries!

What is your favorite thing to drink: Milk and water
What is your favorite special treat: pink bubblegum, cupcakes, cookies, and candy!

What is your favorite sword: The God so loved the whole world one! That one I really like. (John 3:16)

Dear Madison, the past four years have been so full and adventurous with your pink and sparkly self in our world! You are still so enthralled with all things princess and dress up. Not a day goes by where you don't wear a dress at least some point within the 24 hours and each morning starts with brushing your hair and choosing out your desired hair accessory. You love real jewelry and ask just about every day to go shopping so you can try on dresses in a dressing room. Your fingernails are in a constant painting rotation as you don't go longer than a few days before wanting a touch up or a color change. You love to twirl and sing and create magical worlds. You have your brothers wrapped as I often find them reading you a book you've asked them to or volunteering to be your prince in whatever imaginary world you're currently pretending to be in. 
You are feisty yet shy with new faces. You wear your heart on your sleeve and I doubt anyone has larger crocodile tears than the ones that well up in your dark chocolate eyes without warning. You have short patience but desperately seek to reconcile if relationships ever become strained. You love making mud pies and taking bubble baths. You love singing songs to God and asking questions about Him. We pray these seeds are taking deep root in your heart as you grow towards your Heavenly Father. I have loved every minute of your baby and toddler years but I'm loving these little girl years and watching you dream big and slowly take on the image of a young lady. I love you more than words princess! I can't wait to see how God will use your beautiful heart! Happy Birthday Madison! 


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