Birthday Interview with 6 Year Old Wilson

 Is it time for my interview?!?! It's my favorite!! 
Yep! You ready? 
Let's do this!

What's your favorite color: Blue and Red
What's your favorite thing to play: Blaze and the Monster Machines and all my new things (slap bracelets, fidget spinner, jacob's ladder toy, Stretch Armstrong, dinosaur robot)

What's your favorite movie: Spiderverse and Avengers and also Inside Out, I really love that one.
What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast: Breakfast sandwiches and bacon! Oh, are those flat circle things breakfast foods? 
Pancakes? Yes.
Then yes! Those too! 

What's your favorite thing to wear: My Hulk shirt, Hulk pants (green athletic pants that got way too short months ago but he still loves wearing them). Oh! My Flash shirt! I really love that! And my dinosaur shirt!
What's your favorite song: Bubbling Up (VBS song), 'What's Up' (Spiderverse song), Happy Birthday Jesus, and Million Dreams (The Greatest Showman)
What's your favorite thing to play outside: Trampoline, football, and riding scooters (he's getting his own for his birthday shhhh :)

What's your favorite book: The Butt Book (Thanks to an unnamed aunt ;p), The Book with No Pictures, the dog book I read with you (Go Dogs. Go!), and the worker one (Goodnight Construction Site). 
What do you like to sleep with: Ahah! My blue! And my stretchy guy (new birthday gift, Stretch Armstrong from Mimi and Poppa), and my happy ball! (A bouncy ball with a smiley face)

What do you want to be when you grow up: A superhero! I can fly, shoot fire and lasers...and LAVA!!!! I shoot first and then laser and then throw the bad guys in a dumpster!
Who is your best friend: Bubs and Jeff and Madison and Washington and Mommy and Daddy and my whole family, and Jaden and Asher and Oz!
What is your favorite holiday: Easter, my birthday, mom's birthday, and Jesus' birthday

What is your favorite thing to watch on TV: Blaze, Paw Patrol, Magic Schoolbus, and Daniel Tiger, and that's all right now, what's the next one?
What's your favorite animal: Tigers, lions, giraffes, and elephants, and what are those ones we see at the zoo and build those water houses with lots of sticks and stuff?
Yeah, beavers, those!

What's your favorite fruit: watermelon, and ooohhh peaches! And also my favorite is strawberries and those blue ones! 
Yeah, those!
What's your favorite thing to drink: Apple juice, and Poppa's tea, coffee, and water, and milk, and that's all
What's your favorite special treat: Every special treat there is! Except, those red and white circle things, they taste like toothpaste! (peppermints)

What's your birthday meal: Breakfast for dinner; eggs and bacon and sausage, and what else? Those things you make?
Oh yeah! I can't wait for your biscuits, with butter!
What is your favorite sword: Uh I like the 'God so loved the world' one, but my favorite is the one you say every night with me, the 'sound mind' sword one. (II Timothy 1:7)

Happy birthday my 6 year old, ball of joy, Wilson! You are an absolute treasure of a son with a laugh that wraps everyone up with it and a smile that melts every heart you meet. You are constantly on the look out for others and seeking ways to serve them. You help people with grocery carts, dropped items, directions, and asking them about their days. You know no stranger and love meeting "friends" everywhere we go! Your heart is bigger than almost anyone I know. There is not one selfish bone in your body and giving back fuels your being. You have a prayer life that convicts and challenges me as I overhear you talk to your Father. You talk to God so full of honesty, unwavering faith, deep love and admiration. I hear you tell Him how awesome and incredible He is and tell Him thank you for simple things most people overlook like a soft pillow to sleep on and spoons to eat with, and you always tell Him how much you love his power and know that He will always protect you. 

You are so aware of the way people feel. You rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn. You are already displaying incredible discernment with being able to tell if someone needs to just talk, needs a hug, a compliment, or a good joke, or just someone to sit with them and hold their hand. You love adventure and being brave! You climb and jump constantly defying the laws of physics. You hold a room in the palm of your hands with your larger than life personality and you've admittedly got me wrapped with your sweet manly self. I am honored to have been chosen by God to be your Momma and I respect the man you are growing to be. As you like to tell me, I love you more than the Milky Way, more then zebras, more than ice cream, and more than special treats!
Happy birthday my handsome sweet six year old! 


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