Happy Two Years Washington!

Dear Washington, 
You may be two years old today and officially entering the "toddler era", but you are still referred to as "the baby" by pretty much everyone in your household. 
Seriously, your siblings constantly say things like, "baby needs some water...baby wants to go outside...does baby want to play blocks?...baby loves chicken...baby needs a nap...baby broke something glass, again...". 
I promise to try to break the habit by the time you're a teenager, at least in public, but your siblings will probably most always refer to you fondly as "baby".  I'm sorry, not sorry. 
You are a constant wild man. You empty cabinets, dump out bins, overturn furniture, and smash breakables all faster than I can comprehend it's happening. 
But then you turn that devilishly cute grin my direction and disarm me so fast. You're seriously a living sour patch kid, "first there's sour, then there's sweet." 
You love all things "vehicles", the bigger the better; big engines, big wheels and big noises. Your favorites include but are not limited to, dump trucks, fire trucks, cranes, backhoe loaders, ambulances, motorcycles, monster trucks, tractors, and 18 wheelers. 
You also love food. Your favorites include green beans, carrots, grapes, corn, homemade bread and muffins, chicken, blueberries, raisins, and of course, almost anything with candy. 
You have figured out how to climb up on the stool and raid the candy stash. We've found the remnants of wrappers and sticky finger prints in the wake of your stealthy special treat raids. 
You get great joy from mixing up belongings. You giddily take mommy's shoes and put them in Daddy's closet and then take Wilson's favorite stuffed animal and throw it in Madison's closet. We've found toothbrushes under beds and cell phones in dresser drawers. And you do it all with infectious laughter. 
You love playing with your siblings and you have a different type of game with each of them. With Harrison, (Bubby, as you call him) you love to tackle and wrestle. He'll sit on the ground feigning fear of your impending collision as you run as fast as your feet can take you headlong into your biggest brother. He sails backwards under your momentum as you laugh and laugh over your tackling abilities. 
With Jeff you love to play dart guns and build magnaformers. He is teaching to make shapes with them and you are so careful as you follow his gentle instructions and then laugh hysterically as you both smash the creations at the end of your "lessons". With Wilson and Madison y'all disappear into a world of imagination. Y'all play super heroes, house, or secret spies. You love pretending and putting on capes and masks alongside your big sibs.
You are a Daddy's boy through and through, preferring him to anybody in the world. Sometimes it's several days before you get to see him due to his schedule and you'll grab my phone begging to "see" Daddy. So you FaceTime with him and have whole conversations in your toddler language. You run to your Daddy the second he's in your vision and don't let go of him until bedtime. But I'm not too jealous because the sweet hugs, kisses, and hand holds you give me let me know I'm a close second ;)
Washington, I know God has great things for you. You are brilliant, humorous, sociable, loving, passionate, adventurous, bold, and joyful. The talents God has woven into your being I pray will continue to develop to be used mightily for God's glory. I am honored He chose me to be your momma and I am so proud of the little man you are. Happy 2nd birthday my sweet and handsome baby man! We love you! 


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