Last Words

For better or worse, we hold the mentality of something ending and a new beginning each year on December 31. 
While I tell the boys you never leave a year behind, your decisions will reap what they sowed no matter what a calendar says, reflection and anticipating is a good growing opportunity. 
Most people tend to focus on the unknown future. They make resolutions and plans. They see the horizon ripe with hopes and dreams. It's tantalizing and pristine, not one bad day yet, so it's easy to linger there. 
But looking at the lasts of the year can be just as strengthening, challenging, and hope filled. 
I was convicted of this in the words of my firstborn. While making dinner one night he caught me off guard, which is par for the course in raising pre-teens; their questions will come out of nowhere. 
"Mom, when it's time for you to die and leave this earth, what will your last words be?"
I know my face must have looked like a stupid blank page to him as he just stood waiting. I hadn't ever really thought of that before. But it was a worthy question. "Words are important Mom, right?" he continued,  "like you say to always 'be a man of my word', so last words have to be some of the most important."
Then he said, "I know what my last words will be. I don't know when I'll need to say them, but I want to be ready when it's time. I'll say, 'I'm not scared to die. I know what happens when I wake again. I will be with Jesus and I have perfect peace. You can have that peace too. If you're scared to die, if you don't know for sure what happens when you take your last breath, you just need to take God's free gift of salvation. You won't be afraid of the end anymore, just like me. I love God more than anything." 
Convicted by his passion, I listened in awe to my son preach in the kitchen. He has a heart for the gospel and a healthy view on life. Not fearing the end is part of living to the fullest. It's part of thriving in the life you're gifted with. 
Cherish the year you just lived, wether it was the worst or the best, and look forward to the hope filled year ahead, but always know that a beginning started from a last, and know how to make that 'last' bring glory and honor to our Lord and Savior. 
Humbled from the old year, Honored with a New Year, all for you God.
 We give you 2019!


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