Happy Birthday Interview 7th Edition

Ok Cap, ready for this?! 
 For my interview now?!?! Yes!
Ok, let's do this!
But uh, how long will this take?
Goodber! Ok, what's your favorite color: Blue
What's your favorite thing to play with: Legos and Magnaformers
What's your favorite movie: Lego Batman Movie
What's your favorite thing to eat: watermelon and blueberries
What's your favorite game: Uno
What's your favorite snack: fruit snacks
What's your favorite song: Uh, Toby Mac and the Bible School music CD's with the songs on them we sing at Bible School
What's your favorite book: The Avengers story book, and the Veggie Tales one when Junior goes into all the different stories.
Who's your best friend: My brothers and family, and Jaden and Asher
What's your favorite thing to play outside: Jumping on the trampoline and we like to play Jurassic World on the there too and we're capturing different dinosaurs.
What do you want to be when you grow up?: A spy and kid doctor, I could do those both at the same time
What's your favorite holiday: Christmas! Because we get to celebrate Jesus and do those same things every year. 
You mean like our traditions? Yeah, those. 
What's your favorite thing to sleep with: You know, I really like my pillow. I know there's some people in this world that probably don't get to have a pillow every night to sleep on and that's something I'm thankful for, that I get to have a comfy pillow.
What's your birthday meal: Sprinkle chocolate donuts for breakfast!
What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast, besides your birthday donuts: Cinnamon toast and regular eggs (scrambled eggs).
What's your favorite TV show: Baymax and the Avengers cartoons, they're both on Disney Now app if you need to put that down.
What's your favorite fruit: Same as food, blueberries and watermelon, I could eat them all the days!
What's your favorite animal: Can I have more than one? Sure bud!
Than I like giraffes and probably tigers.
What's your favorite thing to drink: Root beer and Dr. Pepper
What's your favorite Bible verse: I still really like the "Sword" sword (we call verses 'swords'), Hebrews 4:12
Dear Jefferson, a very happy birthday to you my sweet and precious son! What a joy you are to us! Your quiet steadiness is constantly refreshing and a blessing to be around. You are our peacemaker and deep thinker and I love seeing the world through your eyes. Jeff, you are constantly observing and have a keen eye for not only details but watching people to see if anyone is in trouble or needs something. Your passion to be a doctor one day only grows along with the talents I see that God has equipped you with and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt you will be the best. 
Your sensitive and loyal heart is a treasure I pray God protects as you continue to grow. You are protective and present and I know when you are on the playground or in the woods with your siblings that you will keep everyone level headed and safe with your clear thinking and reasoning. But as you're growing older we've observed that under your quiet steady nature is a feisty, strategic risk taker and it's been a blast to watch as your surprise us in so many wonderful ways! 
You were the bravest of all your family and went boldly first down the huge torpedo waterslide at our recent beach trip. You even snuck by the lifeguard to do it when he said he thought you probably couldn't do it. You were out to prove him wrong and we cheered so hard when we saw what you accomplished with your own wits and guts! You stand up for yourself and others when you see unfair treatment whether there are kids cutting in line or cheating, you aren't afraid to call them out. You have a heart for God and He used you to help lead your little brother to Christ. 
There are no words to capture how I feel about being chosen to be your Mom, but I am beyond honored. I love you and respect you my Jefferson "Captain America" Lee Clark. I pray many blessings on this seventh year as you continue to grow in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man. 


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