A Whole Hand Birthday Interview

Dear Wilson, purely for documenting purposes I want you to know you that we're conducting this interview while you're curled up on the couch with the flu. Your normal cheery, silliness is replaced with a very quiet and reserved Wils that only feels up to answering due to motrin. But I promise you a birthday redo, Bud. We're going to have the best make-up day with special treats and celebrating once we kick this flu out the door! But because it's tradition, here is our low-key interview on the day you turned five!
What's your favorite color: Blue
What's your favorite thing to play with: Black panther claws and mask
What's your favorite movie: The Bee Movie, and Avengers, and Star Wars sometimes
What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast: Bacon and eggs
What's your favorite thing to wear: My ninja shirt (a black and gray camo under armor shirt)
What's your favorite song: My Jesus is awesome song! (Our God is An Awesome God)
What's your favorite thing to eat for lunch: Bacon and eggs (do we have that for lunch?) Oh ok, I think lunchables
What's your favorite book: The Book With No Pictures, the Hulk book, and comics 
What's your favorite thing to play outside: Any kind of ball, I like all the ball throwing and kicking
What's your favorite thing to sleep with: My blue 
What do you want to be when you grow up: Black Panther, the real one!
Who's your best friend: All of you. (Leans over and gives Madison a kiss who is sitting by his side saying 'Me Wils, I your best friend!') 
What's your favorite holiday: My birthday and Easter
What's your favorite thing to watch on tv: Blaze
What's your favorite animal: Giraffe
What's your favorite fruit: Uh, an apple
What's your favorite thing to drink: Grape juice 
What's your favorite special treat: Brownies and cookies we make at home, and cake!
What's your birthday meal: (We are postponing this until he feels like eating and partying again, but he wants "a real picnic with everyone outside and maybe with donuts") 
What's your favorite Sword (Bible Verse): The sound mind one (II Timothy 1:7)
Wilson, you are without a doubt a true package of joy. You have been non-stop excitement from day one and you are always keep us laughing or guessing. You have a gift for talking to anyone, turning the hardest faces into smiles and making friends out of strangers. Appearances, language, age, or location has never phased you from spreading Jesus' joy to anyone. You love to giggle and tell jokes, play silly games, hold my hand and cuddle. You love giving out compliments and you melt me with how many times a day you tell me I'm beautiful and the best mommy in the world. 
You love doing school all day every day, you love reading and being read to. You love anything with sugar in it but especially love when I'm baking something. You'll drag the stool over to the oven and stand watch as you absorb the aromas and drool over the finished baked good. The most simple things make you so excited and your gratefulness and appreciation for the little things is contagious. I know God is going to use your personality and talents in incredible ways as you grow! I am honored to be your momma and see you grow from baby to man. Happy five years old my handsome Wilson! I love you to infinity and beyond!


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