Unicorn Dreams and Princess Schemes

Dear Madison,

I need you to know something.

That day I laid back on the crunchy medical paper lined chair, they squirted gel on my growing belly,
and your black and white grainy image flickered up on that ultrasound screen,
was a day that completely




I had not prepared myself for the words I heard coming from the tech, "It's a girl!"

I was terrified, in the most incredible of ways.

I knew blue.

I knew boy.

I knew wrestling, and competition, and constant hunger, and drive to conquer and fierce need to protect.

But this clash of pink.

It was all new, in a wild and wonderful way.

May 2015 we welcomed you and I knew immediately why God created you for our family.

Wild men softened as they innately protected you.

Tenderness grew.

Gentleness, kindness, and sensitivity poured from tough boy hands as they cradled and rocked their tiny pink princess bundle.

And now here we are two years later.

You are by no means helpless.

You are by no means a constant damsel in distress. 

You are not fragile, weak, or impuissant. 

You, my beautiful daughter, are a strong woman.

You have been gifted with grace,












and joy in your Creator.
Your arms rock baby dolls and catch footballs.

Your feet don ballet slippers and squish barefoot in mud.

Your hair is neatly braided with massive pink bows and it also runs free in the wind sticky with melted popsicle.

You can whisper by your sleeping brother or scream loud enough to bring down glass ceilings.
I don't know all your future holds, but I want you to know that at 2 years old, you love unicorns and sparkles.

You love pink and princesses.

You love jewelry, tiaras, makeup, singing, and the color pink.

And one day all that may change, and that will be ok too.

But for now I have no problem with all the pink and glitter you cover this world in.

Up ahead I know we'll navigate through some rough waters as you grow into the woman God has equipped you to be.

I know the pigtails, the unicorns, and wearing a tutu every day will disappear.

But in the hearts of all the men in this family, and to me as well, you will always be a princess.

You will always be protected and spoiled by your doting big brothers.

You will always have arms to wrap yourself in.

And no matter what you may feel the mirror tells you, there will be a line of family that will validate and reaffirm all the beauty we see in you each and every day.

As we watch you dance and giggle, sword fight and build Legos, sing and dribble basketballs, I hope you know how much we love and admire every little bit of who you are. Thank you for the pink and joy you shower everywhere you go. We love you our little wild princess and we can't wait for all the "Once upon a times..." that are up ahead! 


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