8 Months Washington

Washginton, you are now 8 months. Ok, let's be real. You're 8 months and 3 weeks. So almost 9 months, but please don't hold it against me. 
At least I got some pictures of you closer to the actual 8 week mark even if the blog post is just going up about it. 
But between fall festivals where you enjoyed, nay devoured, your first lollipop and hotdog, and trail blazing where you've spent hours on my back watching us hack through thorns and fallen trees, we've been filling every hour of the day. 
So I may not be very punctual in documenting the craziness of the past month of your sweet little self but it's definitely been an adventure! 
You are in size 9-12 month clothing, size 3 diapers, and eat six times a day. That would be real food meals, not nursing; so you're basically a hobbit. In addition to green beans, tomatoes, grapes, olives, chicken, steak, venison, corn, cheese, yogurt, and anything else in the fridge you also nurse four times a day. 
All that eating must wear you out because you take two very long naps a day and still sleep 12-14 hours at night. Bless you! 
You do. not. stop. moving. ever. I repeat, ever. 
You belly crawl at inhuman speeds and are quick to get into anything that's clearly not an AAP approved toy. 
Candles, picture frames, diffusers, laundry baskets, books, princess tiaras, legos...all have been casualties of your exploits. 
Due to your love of movement, things like front pack carriers, strollers, car seats, and highchairs are all seen as cruel and unusual punishment in your opinion since they keep you restrained in one place too long. But since you know I'm slightly outnumbered you willingly oblige to the occasional baby wearing.
You are beyond the sweetest and happiest of guys. You are forever breaking into massive smiles and waves at anyone who looks your way. You love clapping and saying "yay!" You can sign "all done" and "more please" and don't see a reason to sign anything else yet since those are about all you need to eat. 
This past month has also seen you pulling up to kneeling and standing, grabbing your sister's hair and being in pure glee at the reaction you elicit, totally embracing your inner pyromaniac when we lit our first fire in the fire pit, and perfecting blowing bubbles in the bath. 
You are loved beyond words and we cannot even remember what it was like before you were here. We are so blessed to watch you grow, sweet man, and we pray for you to continue to grow in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man! 


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