6 Month Washington

Happy half a year baby boy!
You're now rolling across the floor, grabbing at cell phones, glasses, cups of water, and your sister's ponytails. 
You eat anything you can get close to your mouth. Thanks to your siblings, your pallet is very advanced. 
You've had preacher cookies, oreos, cheese-itz, fruit snacks, popsicles, strawberries and coffee, all of which I'm sure would be enough for someone to report to the AAP. 
When your siblings aren't sneaking you contraband, you're downing sweet potatoes, carrots, zucchini, spinach, pears, plums, and blackberries, all pureed of course since your working hard on those teeth so you can tear into steak with the rest of the men in this household.  
You love being carried but you hate facing in, so we hold you out or you hitch a ride in forward facing baby carriers and you're quite content with your view of the world from there. 
You wear size 6 month clothes, size 3 diapers, weigh 16lbs, and sleep a glorious 13 hours every night.  You take two naps a day and go with the flow no matter what craziness we put you through. 
This month some pretty big stuff happened in your little life. We moved to our first house! Which meant you graduated from the pack 'n play to a real crib for the first time in your life! 
I was wondering how you would adapt to being in a real bed in your own room as opposed to a travel crib in the corner of your brother's room, but you seem to savor this and in your own six month way, ask for bedtime now. 
You are such a sweet, happy, and smiley guy. You are quick to pass out smiles and "talk" to anyone who stops to say 'hi'. 
You love watching your brothers play legos or wrestle and watching Madison sing and dance. 
I can't believe it's been half a year with you in our lives and not one of us would imagine it another way. 
We all deeply love and adore you Washington and we cannot wait to see the way God continues to grow you into the man you will become. Happy six months baby man! 


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