Last year we had four birthday parties.
Each completely unique and creative.
Each thoughtful, well planned by amazing aunts, and completely catering to the Clark kid that was  being celebrated. 
But the parties were each 30 days or less apart spanning a period of five months. 
It was a good, but chaotic spring and summer. 
With building a house and adding one more little Clark the thought of another five months of partying was a little daunting. 
So we put our heads together to think of how we could celebrate these awesome kids without going non-stop balloons and streamers. 
We quickly came up with a joint brothers/sister party and couldn't wait to start planning one BIG party. 
We made their favorite colors the theme and made a huge ice cream sundae bar for dessert. 
But as the planning was in process, Matt came up with another idea. 
The boys had been to their Aunt Bean's surprise party earlier this year and had been talking about it non-stop. 
They couldn't wait to be old enough to have someone give them a surprise party. 
So Matt came up with making this big joint party a surprise one!
The kids went over to their uncle's and aunt's house the night before for a cousin sleepover. 
Once they left we decorated and baked and got ready for the next day's surprise. 
And they were definitely surprised! All four were in shock and while Madison and Wilson still probably have no clue exactly what happened, Jefferson and Harrison were ecstatic. 
They were so sweet and grateful for the party and all the details that went into making it happen. And while I look forward to future personalized birthday parties again, this special surprise favorite-color party was a very sweet memory, literally. They were covered in ice cream sundaes afterwards :) 


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