To Know Her By Name

We had over four and half months of knowing a little girl was growing our family. Twenty weeks of anticipating pink and bows, pearls and lace. One-hundred and forty days of trying to imagine a little girl in this mix of boys.
And then suddenly here she was. After 45 minutes of contractions we headed to the hospital. After two hours of waiting through IV antibiotics we grew more excited. After my water broke she was in my arms in seconds and suddenly, she was here.
This tiny little girl I couldn't picture before was laying on my chest and I was looking into her eyes and I was in love. We had those 20 weeks to pick her name and I just couldn't. I longed to know her by name but I couldn't picture her face.
But on May 6, at 3:05 AM, there I was staring into those dark eyes and running my fingers through her thick black hair and it was like I've always known her. This beautiful baby was my Lily, my Elizabeth Mae and I knew her by name.
And just like that the 4 1/2 months of wondering and waiting melted away. The little girl I couldn't imagine before had so entrapped my heart now I couldn't imagine life without her. 
Happy Birthday to our little princess,
Elizabeth Mae Clark. 
We love you!


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