Meet The Clarks

Once upon a time a guy fell for a girl. She did not. Time went by....Once upon a later time they fell for each other, head over heels. He gave her a ring, she said "yes." (well, she actually asked if he was serious), and they said "I do!"
Three degrees, four scholarships, three address changes, 2 graduations, several car wrecks and five job changes later, a little blue positive sign on a pregnancy test changed their lives forever. 
Harrison entered our world and we had no clue what we did with ourselves before his presence. He is happiest when completely covered in dirt and sticky from some consumed sugary treat. I'm pretty sure his motto is, "There can never be too many matchbox cars."
And then after more job changes, two more vehicles, and a 600 plus mile move, God gave us Jefferson, affectionately known as "Tank". His cuddles, smiles, and constant babble give us joy immeasurable. He couldn't be happier than to watch his big brother play cars and very soon I have a feeling he will be right there beside him.
We truly are living happily...ever...after... 

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