7/2 Born
7/14 Rolling over stomach to back
7/25 Cord fell off
7/6 First smile
8/1 Starting to “talk”
9/4 First cereal
9/10 First beach trip
10/8 First laugh
10/20 First airplane flight
10/26 First sippy cup
10/30 First biter cookie
11/2 Sucking thumb
11/25 Laughing at puppy
11/25 Says Da-Da
11/27 Says Ma-Ma
12/19 Rolling
12/20 First tooth (bottom)
12/22 Sitting Up
2/29 First Hair Cut
5/1 Crawling
6/1 Cruising
9/23 Walking

The Way You Say It

Goots (juice)
Yoggie (dog) 
Jeesaw (Jesus)
B-I-B-I-B-I (Bible)
O-B-O-B-O-B (Obey)
Yo-Ho (Jake and the Neverland Pirates)
Boo (Blue Blanket)
Cheat (Special Treat)
Wahnner (Water)
Hap Pease (Help Please) 
Ease-ah-bah (Baseball)
Baba-Tea (Papa's Tea)

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